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Tofu couscous and mint zucchiniSource:

Ingredients for 3:
3 zucchini
1 onion
1 clove garlic
100ml orange juice
1 tbs olive oil
1 tsp cumin
1 bunch mint
salt and pepper
3 squares tofu
1 tbs olive oil
assorted herbs (thyme, rosemary, etc)
180g couscous semolina
270ml water

Wash and peel the zucchini, slice up. Peel and cut the onion, chop the garlic. In a pan, cook together in 1 tbs olive oil 5 minutes.
Add the juice, cumin, mint, salt and pepper, cover and simer 30 minutes.
Dice the tofu, brown in a pan with 1 tbs oil, salt and pepper and season with herbs. Let cook a few minutes.
Boil the water, pour onto the couscous, add a chunk of butter, mix everything together and let soup up 5 minutes.
Serve everything warm.


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