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Ingredients for 2 :
400 g tourne (turned) carrots (or turnips)
40 g butter
1 tbs sugar
10 cl water
1 pinch salt

Use tourne vegetables (that is, shaped so as to all have the same shape and size). To turn carrots, chop them into even-lengthed chunks, then each chunk into 4 lengthwise. Remove the core (which remains harder when cooked), then round the edges of each piece of carrot. Little by little, the angluar parts are softened and the carrot piece becomes rounder. The bottom part of the carrot can be cut into just halves, not quarters, and turned immediately, as there is very little core. This way, we have carrots that are not only nice to look at, but also will cook very uniformly.

Place the carrots in a saucepan, add a good piece of butter, a generous pinch of salt, and 2 pinches sugar.
Cover with just enough water: the vegetables must not be submerged. Place a piece of parchment paper (with a “chimney” hole in the middle) over the water and carrots. The parchment should be in contact with the carrots and water.
Cook over low heat, simmering. The water’s activity should be regular and calm. Cooking time may vary. Check by poking a carrot with a knife. If the vegetables are cooked but there is still some liquid, finish glazing by reduction (evaporate the remaining liquid).
The syrup formed by the butter, sugar, water, and carrot juice will coat the vegetables and make them shine.

The technique is identical for turnips, except that turnips are much more tender than carrots. Overcooking them could be very disappointing.
If the turnips are young, they may be glazed as is, but if they are older they will need to be turned.

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