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The point to prebaking a pie crust is that some fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries, grapes or bananas, or some creams, that we want to use on our pie, do not react well to baking. The pie crust is baked separately and later garnished with cream and fruit.

First method :
The dough is spread into the pie pan. Pinch the edges with your fingers and poke holes into the bottom with a fork.
Protect the dough with baking parchment, cut to the correct size.
Spread pie weights (or uncooked rice or beans) onto the parchment.
Bake around 180-200°C. When the edges of the crust begin to brown, remove the weights and continue baking a few minutes until the bottom is lightly browned as well. Remove gentily from the pie dish.

Second method :
This one is a bit quicker, as you assemble a crown from tin foil just to support the edges of the dough.
As above, poke holes into the bottom with a fork. You may also spread a little sugar over the bottom, if this pie crust will hold something moist (such as a cream).
By the end of the baking, the bottom of the pie should be cooked. The only difference with the previous method is visual. The bottom is not as flat, as there were no weights on it to prevent rising.

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